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Welcome to today’s juicy and controversial post…

One of ethics, morals,.. would you? Could you? Have you ever? would you share if you had? whether it is for an hour or a day?

would you “rent a friend?” “or “rent yourself out?”

In a sense, for those of us who work for a boss or others, I guess we do this already to an extent, but a while ago on a money making site I stumbled upon while being poor –  I read an article about people who would pay another person to hug them.

I am not really a hugging kind of guy, so it did not appeal to me, but maybe I could reconsider my phobia… but I just shrugged this off as one of those funny to read articles…..UNTIL…..


An email pops up in my mail box asking if I would consider (not me personally, just a generic email ) being paid to be someones friend – “purely platonic” simply sometimes someone may need a friend to go to the movies or out to dinner or to a party… it sounds like being an escort to me… but the site goes on….

I make a coffee, because this could get interesting… I am actually thinking, I could be someones friend, I could be a good friend.. I think…and begin to imagine what my profile would read as I begin to drift through these profiles….It still screams escorting to me (not that I am against that) but… I remain intrigued… I take a few more sips, and then …

spit out coffee coffee everywhere, all over my keyboard doh…

“There are … reasons why you may want to rent a mom or a dad.  Perhaps you have parents who are not very understanding of your relationships, yet your significant other wants to meet them?  Rather than upset your real mom or dad with your new “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, hire a stand-in mom and dad to take the place and pretend they are thrilled with your new partner! Your significant other will be happy, and your parents will have no clue!”

yes this is for real!

So now I am thinking, perhaps I could rent a mom, or better still when I next play my dad is harder than your dad.. I can just rent one…..

The possibilities are beginning to be endless… I am just waiting for….

grandma2  “Rent a grandma” I reckon she would love a good roller coaster or bake the meanest cake this side of the world, or ride the coolest motorbike….with just her gums….

and yes it is true, not on the same site but here…..

rent gran one  free advertising of me….



Hire me – rent me!

I am available as a paid friend should you require one….

Live the other side of the world……No problem –  I like to write.. I could be your international pen pal, I like to travel…I am kinda funny….

I can house sit, pet sit, chaperone, offer you a coaching seesion,

Perhaps you love me or my work you would like to sponsor or donate to me to support me.. that would be awesome, as we all need to live Be a pal for life – Support a pal

Perhaps you may just want to…….rent a friend, mom, dad or grandma


Have a great day….

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Travel light, travel in sight.

I would like to travel more and see the world more.

I wonder about the 7 wonders and wonder what’s worth wondering.

Pisa was nice and the pizza was nicer,


lean on me, when you are not strong – yep me outside this fine tower, walking up was monumental!

loved France very oo la la at the Moulin Rouge, nice show and ladies with large…..skirts, expensive perfume and croque madames.

Belgium had beers- cheers!

The Great Wall was indeed great,

Greece wasn’t at all greasy, Zante is a must!

Spain had me in pain scuba diving, but no rain as I ran for the land train,

Dubai was hot but the pools were cool,

went to Jamaica they have lots of plants, and crab racing to pass the time, that and rum punch, all good, all fine.

Denmark had bricks of multicolored lego, and porn on the tv, that made evenings more mellow, which I turned off, or more my mom did, good job as I was a young kid.

Went to Tunisia the waiters were funny, they would run to your tables for tips of money.

Poland was cheap, the flights were a penny, the parks had red squirrels, the bars they had plenty.

Went to Bulgaria skiing, that was great, got up early and stayed up late..

The Dominican Republic was quite divine, dined quite posh and sipped nice wine,

where to next, I will wait and see, but I need more freedom,

Yep travelling is for me.