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Today I give thanks and honour to my friends, readers followers, of whom without you I truly would not be here and I mean this literally.  – Steven Alexander

This blog is not a side which many will see, will know of me, and I am sure would be shocked, but I share with you in my quest for mental-freedom whatever that looks like, so somehow I can inspire others and hold them up.

There are times when things just overwhelm me, and my mind and spirit just struggle to cope. I can have amazing days, o.k days, good days, but it can take just a word, or a message or just the tiniest thing to flip this emotion.

I seek breakthrough strategies that I can pass on and share to strengthen others, just as others  have lifted  me this month.

It is as though those who felt they were alone ,are being brought together, connected, to share, to relate, to just be with another…not to say I understand, not to say “what you need to do is” not to add to the burdens of life, but instead to metaphorically stand with.. alongside.

I have been building some foundations and my journey has taken some twists and turns but by grace I am being refined and shaped and brought back here as my place of retreat rest and sanctuary.

I feel like this blog, where I started my journey as a “Dads Diary” has become so much more. This is my virtual “safe room” that “cell” than rather confines me in a bad way like other cells,  this one I can just be me.. I can cry, I can do business, I can go back, move forward without white noise.

So I am seeking breakthroughs today and putting them on my mental vision board.

I have a house situation… I’m seeking a house.

Still fighting to keep the wolf from the door – finances

Trying to reach my intention point and seeking alignment #law of attraction.

Continue to fight-  depression, oppression, slander, bullying, jealous folk, scoffers.

Jamie Rohrbaugh, has been a huge inspiration to me. She has a wealth of resources and experiences. Coming from a christian perspective she shares how she has battled and now helps others including areas of depression and poverty. Thank you Jamie. 

There are so many of you I could name on here so from the bottom of heart thank you for all you are and what you do. 

If you are in need of break through today whatever it is I am thinking of you. If you want to get in touch and need some one, please do drop me a line.

Thank you for reading.

Steven Alexander

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Write a dream, live a dream!


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Write a dream, live a dream!

I have come back from a vacation away and promised myself no work or no going on my  cell phone apart from to take pictures.

I thought it would be hard, but I promised myself a rest and rest I did, swimming, walking, climbing and reading and even den building.

It was nice to enjoy the things I like to do without the constant battles that life throws.

I wish every day could be like this!

I want to afford what I want, without having to worry about the cost, and know how to do that!

I’d love to be financially free, escaping maybe that traditional job, the stresses and limits it can bring, instead work on my terms as I still need money, as I am still feeling quite poor:)

If you are thinking If I can afford to go on holiday, I am not that poor – let me tell you, it took a lot of saving and budgeting.

I began dreaming about career, maybe several. Options are good right!

I need to have higher aspirations!  Focus and Perspective!

Today I imagined my office on the beach just sitting and watching the waves. Maybe I could sit and write to make money, maybe inspire and encourage others.

I pulled up a chair, (that chair, I took that photo) then I thought why not?

So I sat with coffee and began to write and dream.

I don’t know what your dreams are but I hope you get chance to live yours if you are not already. If not maybe NOW is your time!

It’s hard work, but honestly if I can try to do it, anyone can.

You do not even have to walk in someone elses footsteps, create your own…

Keep dreaming, and never give up on your dreams!

Are you feeling Poor today?