Thought about “Friends” lately?

Welcome Friend!

What makes a good friend, great friend or the best? Do you have a good friend or best friends, the sort you can tell anything to, be yourself with and share your inner most thoughts?

How could I write todays theme without reffering to this series which was and still is huge. It is of course as the title suggests “Friends”

If for any reason you have not seen this, it is about a group of best friends and their lives together, their ups downs, togethers, apart, laughter, tears, the coffee shop, the couch, the apartments and the characters which many of us could relate to.

The question at school when I was growing up in the play ground or in class was often which friends character are you?  

I thought “Joey” was the best because “Joey does not share food” and I am not one for sharing food

.If you have never seen an episode I do fully reccomend it and I think it is the best and available here on “Amazon” or “Google” “Friends”

Good friend Great friend or The best

I wonder when you think of the word “Friend” what words pop up when you think of it……. I am guessing mostly positive and if I asked you to think of a certain good friend who has or does mean a lot you can probably picture them.. what memories come to mind?

If I look on” facebook” I wonder if that definition of “friend” would fit those say on “facebook” or other forms of social media or even people at work, do you class them as friends? would you class any family members as friends?

Strong Good, Great Best friendships?

Image result for friendship quotes, "A strong frendship doesnt need daily conversation, doesnt need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, trrue friends will never part
A definition of a good, great and best friendship

For me this sums up where I am at with good friends because I believe you are who you attract around you – and that matters.

Who do you attract in your life and add to your good friends list and why?

quote about a good friend, great friend and best friend
Levels of good friendships. “Good” “Great” “Best”

There is a saying “iron sharpens iron” we attract like minded people…friends who motivate us and just know our mindset, because these are the type that love us for who we are BUT….. are all our friends good for us? This may sound a crazy question to ask and may sound harsh but is it?

Healthy Good friendships V toxic ones

Some friends can appear “well meaning” some can appear to “share” your joy when in reality they “seethe”… some may gossip about you, and some may even hurt you because we allow them to get close and they know us inside and out – have you ever experienced that? and some “friendships” are “toxic” meaning that actually, thay may not be the healthiest or the “best for us relationships”

I wonder if different friends come into our lives for different seasons and reasons like the kind that are are so special and amazing but then dissapear!

Have you ever had any of those and you wonder where those people are now!

Grateful for Good, Great and Best friends

I think good friends really do make us and shape us, and as my mom n dad would say, choose your friends well and the company you keep wisely.

Huge thank you to all my my good friends past present and future. I honour you and thank you from the bottom of my heart BECAUSE


You really are the greatest and Best!

Image result for friendship images
Image of good,great, best friends holding hands

Thank you for reading.

Steven Alexander

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Amazing YOU!

“I can do something amazing today” Ginsters pasties

(thanks Ginsters pasties)

Do you believe that you can, and would you want to? Do you care?

This is my corner of insperation and positivity that I face every morning.

Every morning I look, yes look, for ways to do something or be amazing, it is great for mindset.

It means I’m looking for opportunities to make a difference whether it’s kind words or actions or “can do” attitude or helping someone.

I am a work in progress and at times it’s hard to be humble and bite my tongue with folks, when all I want to do is rage, especially when I am accused of something I did not do.

I’m reminded by an old school song.

“make me a channel of your peace”

Today, I hope I can be a person of peace and bring peace and comfort to someone who may be in need today.

What are you doing today? anything amazing?

“What you spreading today?”


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes

Here are a few stories that come to my mind of situations in life where I have tried to do this. We probably all have our own!

A young couple in Nottingham(a town i used to live, in the uk) were getting irate because they have spent all their money on drink… And are somehow trying to get into a taxi they obviously now cannot afford… They get angrier and this is about to turn real ugly. Without thinking I walk up and hand the couple ten pounds to get home. This immediately shocks them and in they are at peace and no one gets hurt.

A friend recently was crying as she hadn’t got the money to treat her kids to nice supermarket things for over Christmas.. One low wage in the household things are stretched real tight so again I offer with a friend to get her a large hamper again handing over a note.. The friend is sobbing over whelmed.

Another friend at the end of the month has no money to get lunch and about a pound left to last. Again I offer some money and another friend seeing this also offers which then encourages another to whip him up a little picnic lunch…

Whether stranger or friend, If another human being is in genuine need, I respond.

“I’m not rich, I’m a part timer on min wage with debts of my own here but sometimes there is that pull to help another human being out.”

I think the phrase “pay it forward” is a beautiful one as I believe what goes around comes around and I have to admit whether given in joy or reluctance what I receive back is more than worth it whether it’s an emotional or physical gain.

What I’ve learned also, is that generosity is addictive, it is.. It inspires it empowers it breaks down barriers it’s life saving its humbling.


I’d like to hope that I can be more generous but I can also learn to receive off others when I am in need. I believe generosity breeds generosity.

When strangers or friends were generous to you, how did you react and how did you feel in situations where you was the generous person?

“Generosity does not have to come in monetary form. A bit of kindness can go a long way” Alexander Simmonds2018

If you haven’t seen the film “Pay it forward I recommend it”

Is it possible to change the world for the better?

385 ways to “pay it forward” I believe so! I know so!

 Check out the video >>>>>>pay it forward

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