Services and Packages

Coaching Costs

Single session of up to an hour – £45.00

Double session – £60.00

4 week packages available at a greater discount payable in advance.

Travel costs – please be aware that if I am required to travel there will be additional costs –

70p per mile petrol, Bed and meal, train or plane costs.

10% Discount for new customers EARN 10% of session cost for refering paying customers.

Online meetings via Zoom and messenger.

Individual one to one coaching

Topics covered including: stress and anxiety, low self esteem, relationship issues, lonliness, grief, struggles at work, identity issues, feeling lost or broken, finances, faith, mental health.


Mediation, reconcilation, making your marriage work, make it stronger, listening to one another. Learn to make dreams together as well as maintaining your individuality, increase passion, keep it exciting!

Supporting Businesses/Managers/Staff

Exploring your Life balance work in order to discover any areas you need work on.

Work destroying or taking over your life? Yourwork place or business is your life but is your life your business – is business or work destroying or impacting your life?

How to get more productive and valued workers – “Build people build business.”Exploring how to get the best out of your employees especially the least compliant or harder to manage.

How to win employees over – a happy worker is a happy manager – how to see staff as people and not just a number or a position – see their value.

Employees bringing their problems to work? – is this affecting your business and their work. – learn to have more empathy or offer a well-being service who understand your needs and theirs. – I can offer this at a favourable reduced rate if it comes out of your budget or you refer them and they pay.

Is your business flowing as well as it could? – “Flow” is not just the latest buzz word. Locate the blockages and stumbling blocks whether it is systems or people and regain control and flow.

Mediation & Balance – Sometimes the tail wags the dog… sometimes the workers are managing the manager, sometimes there is a breakdown of communication. – time to restore that balance.

Please check out my about page for some of the subject areas I cover and to find out more.

Sessions can be paid by paypal for preference Click here >>>>> <<<<<

Please don’t let price be an issue and stop you from getting the help you need and want. – Get in touch

What your fee pays for… – Getting value for money

Results driven – strategies that will make a difference and tranform, that will work at your pace and with your involvment and investments. – “You get out what you put in”

Investing in youBetter Mental Health. If you are the sort of person who invests in others and gives out, then this time is for you and will help you refill and offer more….. or learn to offer less..