(This is the beach 2 mins a walk from me) N.B all photos are my own.

A few years ago in my usual non wisdom I decided to try and paddle back in my kayak 10 miles across the sea home. I hadn’t done any serious canoeing /paddling for a long long time since my youth but here I was with a new kayak 🛶 thinking I could do it baring in mind I had driven their to start with and only intended to dabble with my paddle in a small cove not the open sea.

Off I set.

The sun was warm and I enjoyed the exercise. Before too long my arms began to ache, the tide was getting stronger and here I was paddling against it towards my destination.

I was totally unprepared as the weather began to turn, the waves got bigger, I had no phone no money on me no way of calling for help as there was no one around and I was a distance from shore as the waves took me further away.

As my strength drained and conditions worsened I began to panic, I was out of my depth and one stupid decision was looking like it could have been my last.

In the distance I see a beach and people so with the last remaining ounce of determination I fought the tide and collapsed on the beach. I had no idea where I was and still miles from home.

A local cafe owner took pity on me and let me use the phone where I called for a lift.

On this occasion it worked out OK but could have gone wrong. I am glad I tried and although I failed to reach my target despite a lot of odds against me I wasn’t far off, I learned some valuable lessons.

I think about the go with the flow or go against the tide analogy quite frequently and one route is definitely easier but what do I learn? And is it the better way?

I have to admit going with the flow is not my natural way, I always seem to have to fight against something and often I come out beaten or worse for wear so I ask myself is it worth it?

I find that when I go with the flow, sure its easier but then for me it just doesn’t feel right.

Just because others do something or say something should I follow?

If someone tells me a “fact” should I just accept it?

I’m wondering what others experiences are of when they feel they’ve gone with the flow or fought against the tide how it made them feel.

The odd thing, despite what I have said, is that on occasions I feel like I’m doing some things in my own strength and I am getting no where and it feels like a battle and it’s only when I let go draw back or threaten to give up that suddenly its almost like magic that “thing” I have been battling just seems to ease. Perhaps you can relate to this?

I think 🤔 I’m stuck in pondering as to which approach is better. I have to admit the older I get the easier I want life to be, so I am trying to find ways of reducing risk or stress.

A wise person once said, “choose your battles wisely” and I believe this.

If you are facing a battle today, then I am thinking of you. I hope that you find a way of equipping yourself or have the strength to know when to pull back.

Retreating is not a sign of weakness it’s a time of regaining strength, tactics and reevaluating the cost or consequences.

Peace be with you.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch or even share. <><

This is the place I call my “Thinking spot” That is my fave beach and bench and my loyal hound.

Photos are taken by me and subject to copyright and permissions. Alexander Simmonds Photography.

This is a pic of the back of a collection box of a charity I support, and I am still a member of. Read more about them.  If you contact them, tell them Captain Steve Simmonds sent you. I do not get commission but I might get a free coffee if I visit.