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Today I give thanks and honour to my friends, readers followers, of whom without you I truly would not be here and I mean this literally.  – Steven Alexander

This blog is not a side which many will see, will know of me, and I am sure would be shocked, but I share with you in my quest for mental-freedom whatever that looks like, so somehow I can inspire others and hold them up.

There are times when things just overwhelm me, and my mind and spirit just struggle to cope. I can have amazing days, o.k days, good days, but it can take just a word, or a message or just the tiniest thing to flip this emotion.

I seek breakthrough strategies that I can pass on and share to strengthen others, just as others  have lifted  me this month.

It is as though those who felt they were alone ,are being brought together, connected, to share, to relate, to just be with another…not to say I understand, not to say “what you need to do is” not to add to the burdens of life, but instead to metaphorically stand with.. alongside.

I have been building some foundations and my journey has taken some twists and turns but by grace I am being refined and shaped and brought back here as my place of retreat rest and sanctuary.

I feel like this blog, where I started my journey as a “Dads Diary” has become so much more. This is my virtual “safe room” that “cell” than rather confines me in a bad way like other cells,  this one I can just be me.. I can cry, I can do business, I can go back, move forward without white noise.

So I am seeking breakthroughs today and putting them on my mental vision board.

I have a house situation… I’m seeking a house.

Still fighting to keep the wolf from the door – finances

Trying to reach my intention point and seeking alignment #law of attraction.

Continue to fight-  depression, oppression, slander, bullying, jealous folk, scoffers.

Jamie Rohrbaugh, has been a huge inspiration to me. She has a wealth of resources and experiences. Coming from a christian perspective she shares how she has battled and now helps others including areas of depression and poverty. Thank you Jamie. 

There are so many of you I could name on here so from the bottom of heart thank you for all you are and what you do. 

If you are in need of break through today whatever it is I am thinking of you. If you want to get in touch and need some one, please do drop me a line.

Thank you for reading.

Steven Alexander

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Choose Life.

This is rather a sensitive subject so I apologise.

Do we get to choose life or death, in our own life, and how do we live, (if you do) with those feelings that almost whisper you to… How do I put this sensitively… “End everything”

New years eve I was sat in my car over looking the cliff. It was late, it was dark, no one around, an urge to just put my foot down was strong.

Looking back in life there have been other occasions where life was bad, and I was looking for a way out.

The sad thing is, when I shared this with who I would consider the most important people in my life the response was on the lines of.. “how selfish”

If you have ever been in this state of mind you would know that such a response rather than draw you away from those feelings and intentions actually push you closer.

My favorite response is the “attention seeking” one!

In some ways I both envy and pity such people. I pity their ignorance, their lack of empathy and understanding yet envy them that they have maybe never been in that place.

So today I was thinking about this subject, if and when I get like that, do I really want to end things or is there something internal or mentally that I just need to get out my system?

Perhaps life is…

Throwing too many balls – we might need to let some things go!

Perhaps we are trying to please too many people – you cannot please everyone.

Perhaps we are overwhelmed – are we taking on too much?

Perhaps we are struggling with seeing the wood through the trees,

Perhaps we need someone to listen…….or something completely different.

There are times I’m in that place and I feel I have no one to share this with. Friends will say “I’m there for you” which offers some comfort but we don’t want to drag them into our issues, and to be honest sometimes we don’t know what we want but there’s something inside screaming or crying.

I don’t confess to have the answers. I just know that this is one of my battles.I wish I had advice or wise words or a solution to make the feelings go away and medication won’t do it, but instead:-

Isn’t it amazing though, that some people just don’t know you or get you? How does that make you feel?

If you are in that place or know others, then don’t go through this alone.

 I sit and stand with you beside you, no words, and I understand, I understand.

When I can’t go to people, I turn to poetry or writing which is a huge step for me as I would rather just self harm or break things. Use creativity and expression to be creative and express.

Please spare a thought for those who are struggling, or if it is you and need to chat please get in touch.

Peace be with you.

A minion of memories,

Hi, Thanks for dropping by, how are you?


What are your memories? What is your memory like? How do you remember memories?

I live a four hour ride away from my family. It is a far distance to drive and expensive, so I sadly do not see them as much as I would like, but I was off to see them when I was at a petrol/gas station at the start of my journey.

I fill up the car. I go to pay and I enter my pin number. It gets declined. I try several times and it gets blocked. I begin to panic because how do I pay and how can I forget a number I use day in day out and one I’ve used for years. It’s a simple thing yet I’ve genuinely forgotten.

It is like the part of my brain that stores this everyday bit of coding was gone. This was very confusing traumatic and upsetting. What other basic and important things could I forget/have I forgotten already?

With dementia now getting people at a younger age I begin to think how important our memories and our mind is…………..

Remember memories

Make the most of moments,

Capture them,

Experience them,

Share them,

Keep them.

One day I fear my memories will fade and on that day I will need reminders.

Invest your time with folk. – Time is short.

Take more photos or videos- you can never take enough photos.

Look through photos – You will be amazed at what you may have forgotten.

Look at old memory sticks or buy new memory sticks.

Make scrap books – Record your memories for prosperity.

Keep a memory box – A small box that can kept to remind you of times gone by.

Live for moments.. Moments are precious.

Tell those who matter that you love them – Tell them more!

With persistence I found a way past the blockage and to access money.

Sometimes persistence is the key and not giving up. Some relationships in life can be like this. I must remember this.

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Thanks for visiting, good to see you here. Feel free to comment or follow.

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