“Your Body is Your Business”

What relationship do you have with your body?


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The above question seems a strange and personal question to ask, but so many of us have huge self body issues which really affects how we feel and how we think, and affects our self esteem. This is not just females this affects it is males too, and actually, realistically non gender specific.

Do you compare yourself to other people and wish you had their looks, their physique, do they get the good comments and attention and you get…….not the same?

Truthfully, we never really know what is going on in someone elses life, and how someone else might be feeling, because even those that we may consider attractive to them… they could have just as big issues as us all!

The mirror Image

ikea mirror
mirror mirror on the wall

As I stand infront of the mirror I am one of those people who try and avoid it.

As I look, it is easy for me to find fault with myself, and hear those voices from past about what I look like, and it acts to re-inforce how I feel about my body and also myself. Isn’t it amazing how many of us remember and hold on to the negatives!

Perhaps you too, are one of those people that wish they could change so much about themselves but see it as a pipe dream, as un realistic maybe, maybe you tried those diets or many of them and they just did not work for you and now you have given up…. if this is you, I hear you, I understand.

It is your body – who cares?

If you are hating yourself or dislike yourself or worse because of how you look like and you feel like no one cares how you feel, and maybe you have given up caring I want you to know I care and if you need to talk I am here, get in touch

Why do I care? what do I know about body issues?

As some one who has had low self esteem for as long as I can remember, I know what this feels like , for me at least, the self hating, and how deep that can affect the mind and the heart. As some one with big ears, bad skin, obese, unkept teeth, skin tags… my list goes on and on.

As a self harmer, my body was the one thing in my life I felt I had control over so when I was in a bad way I would not take care of myself as maybe those in a good mental state would do as normal.

Some people might just see the outside and make comments about size or smells as yes my hygine was not as good as it should have been because I did not value myself or have self worth, but of course no one knows the inner you and may just see some one as “having issues” “acts wierd” “self obessesed” what ever coping strategies we may use to compensate what we feel inside.

But it does not have to be this way! – I say again it does not have to be this way.


support available for low self esteem.

In the past I always put others first and when it came to myself it was like I did not matter.

I became tired, exhausted , used, misunderstood and as I looked after others needs more and more, my own just fell away. One day I just said to myself enough was enough and I was going to end it all one way or another.

I started on a journey of self development helping myself to be better and I began to seek help and support. I realised that by bettering myself I could help more people.

What the right support can achieve

Increase Confidence.

Gain Respect

People asking for your help.

Begin to look after yourself,

No longer listen to, or hang around toxic people.

Stress and anxiety levels drop.

Feelings of depression lowered.

Are you looking to improve your life? – Let me help!

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Bet by Chocolate,

bet by chocolate

Welcome to my blog,

Are you a betting person?

At work we do many things to entertain ourselves to help the day go through. One of these is “bet by CHOCOLATE” so in any normal way you would make a bet, the cost is a chocolate bar. I love this game, I love chocolate and I only bet on dead cert. So I make many bets it’s cost me a few chocolate bars:(

I am a dreamer. This is a nice place to go to, to escape, to imagine, and I have lots of ideas currently how to make money or what I’m going to do with my life but when it comes down to it I sometimes struggle to achieve these. You can see my mission to help others and myself be financially free, I am building the site up, please do visit >>>>>>>>FED UP OF BEING POOR <<<<<<<<<<check it out 

I then get disappointed that I don’t achieve these.. so i have to work even harder yet carry on dreaming.

I admit the reason I don’t achieve these sometimes s because of fear. FEAR I won’t achieve, fear I’m not good enough, fear I don’t have what it takes and so the list continues….

Now what if I could get over these boundaries,- the endless possibilities could wait for me,

Some may fail.. But what if!..  .what if they don’t!- I say let’s be more “what if people!”

Walt Disney had a dream of a large resort a playground of fun, imagination and all that it is today.

Walt Disney died before it was completed. In recognition of Walt a spokesperson happened to mention how sad he was that Walt wasn’t around to see it. His wife who heard this said.. He did. He saw all of this.

Walt Disney is… said to have said.. “if you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Now I’m no Walt Disney but what if what he said was true, is true?

This year I’ve set myself a challenge to tackle fear, and to do things even if they scare me.

I’m scared of needles and blood- so I give blood.

I’m scared I can never achieve my writing dream… I’m now  writing poetry, children’s stories, and have titles to work on.

I’ve wanted to work for myself but never thought I could… I’m now reading books on business, Watching tutorial videos….and planning businesses and concepts..

What is it inside some of us that strives to succeed?  I wonder what the cost and sacrifice is and is it worth it? Are they happy? How focused are they?

I think for me it would be sad to be on my deathbed with regrets that I didn’t even try.

It’s possible that I will continue to lose chocolate bars. It’s possible I will continue to play the lottery on occasion and not win. It’s possible I may dream but some may never become real.

how do you make your dreams come true?

Have you come across  “The Law of attraction” 

I look into this further on my  Resource Page “Throne Room”

It’s possible one day that I will win and my dreams may become a reality!

Here are some suggestions I am trying – Thanks Katie Morton

  1. What’s your dream?
  2. Decide and believe.
  3. Release fear.
  4. Take action!
  5. Love yourself.
  6. Use other’s success as inspiration.
  7. View mistakes as lessons, not an excuse to give up.
  8. Value tiny decisions. The decision to get up early every morning is a momentous one.
  9. Don’t let bad habits win.
  10. Believe the Universe is friendly.

Here’s to the dreamers……

Thanks for reading,

propic (2)  Steven Alexander.

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