Planning and Stress Reduction.

Planning – Are you a planner? plan your days, your life?

Do you value and respect your time? and What is your time worth?

When you think of the word “planning” what comes to mind?

How would you scale your planning skills out of 10? 0 being not good to 10 pro.

Lots of questions but can you answer them?

I would say I am a 5 or 6. however realistically I am about a 2 still on occasion.

Would being better at planning help you or make no difference?

For me, planning was a word that filled me with dread, and to an extent it still does!

When I think about planning I think future, overwhelm, restrictive, stress, anxiety.

If I am honest, not the most positive emotions come to mind – however this is changing…….. and I will share why!

Planning can reduce stress and anxiety

To some degree, many of us can relate to stress and anxiety whether it is our own, or being on the receiving end of others.

At times I can have awful stress and anxiety, and I thought this was something, I just had to live with.

I notice that many others suffer the same as me, so in a sense this became “normal” and I accepted this.

If like me, you feel that life is chaotic and you feel like you don’t know if you are coming or going and it feels like you have not done anything, yet you feel so exhausted, then you have come to the right place and this post is for you.

If maybe you are an expert at planning, then please do feel free to leave any tips or hacks that could help others out.

Planning to change? – Change is possible!

One day, I decided to talk to myself as I often did, and started to ask myself what was causing me stress and anxiety. I wrote down a long list. My lack of planning and not knowing where my time had gone was causing me huge stress.

I wondered if this was something I could change, and if so how?

It was time to get to work.

planning- top tips Image

i) Change Mindset ii) Learn iii) Action

First of all challenge your thinking around planning and what this means to you. Learn to either replace the negative emotions around it or over ride them.

  • I knew that I no longer wanted to feel the way I did. (change emotions and thoughts)
  • I knew that better planning would benefit me and my relationships with others (realise the benefits)
  • I knew that I had no idea about planning and I had to learn and seek help. (Know your limits)
  • Action the changes and the learning.

Distractions and Procrastination.

Action and Procrastination

Recognise and admit it is easy to get distracted.

If like me, you find distractions are more fun.

Procrastination is the habit of talking about stuff you want to do or intend to do.

Do these benefit you?

Do these help you to get done what you need to? if yes then that it is fine and good but if not, be mindful when you doing these try to re focus.

Learn to be strict on yourself. and remind yourself why you are doing it.



If you think you need help and want support with planning and get in touch

If you are an expert at planning and have something to offer to help others. – drop me a line or I can link to your services

Have other types of stress and anxiety and need to chat – get in touch see if I can help – free consultations available. .

Thank you for reading.

Steven Alexander.

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