Feel like you are not getting any where despite how hard you try?

Feel like you are on your own, and no one listens or cares?

If either of the above is true, then lean in, come in closer, because this page, this page right here, is just for you.

Some times in life we can lose our way. There is no shame nor judgement in that and it can take the smallest of things , not just the big things to knock us off track, so how do we get back on?

is the path you are on the right one for you?

This seems rather a personal question but what it does, is gets you to think about what that means, and how this can help you.

Who are you living for? Who are you pleasing or trying to please?

Some times we live our life trying to please others and that is amazing, it is honorable but is it YOU, and do we achieve in pleasing them and does it make you happy?

If you are happy then feel free to not read further, but if you are thinking and have more questions then please stay with me.


You are not on your own if you do. It is human, it is natural and it is your bodys’ self defence mechanism trying to cope with what is going on.

Our minds, our hearts can only take so much! They need space to process, to think through to strategise what is next, and how to move on.

For those of who have heard of or study “Mbraining or Multiple Brain Integration Techniques MBIT for short ) we recognise that we have multiple brains that are capable of thinking.

The most common of these are the heart, the brain and the gut, although there are more.

So to give an example…..(just an example)

You might be feeling upset – heart

You need cheering up to find balance again – Mind

Gut – chocolate is the answer

Of course there may be deeper work that may need to happen but in that moment as a short fix as a band aid/plaster

“yes, chocolate gives off chemicals that makes us feel happy” – the brain – I agree to that solution.

“yes, chocolate is my comfort food and I do feel happier and I want to feel happier” – heart

“yes let’s do it” – gut

So in this scenario we say that they are all in agreement and we call this alignment.

How does this apply to my problem

Great question!

What you are going through right now, may need a quick temporary fix to get you through but may also need some deeper work.. for example if I have a puncture, I may get a puncture repair kit which will work for so long but at some point I may need to replace the tyre.

Do you want a quick fix or do you want more extensive work?

Sometimes we get lost, stuck lose our purpose, do not have a purpose, lose our identity or lose perspective, and we need help restoring those things. Sometimes when we live for others or please others we lose ourselves.

some simple top tips

  • Acknowledge the moment – look back at where you have come from to where you are now. Ask yourself : Have you grown mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.
  • Assess – what is not working right now, do you need help, do you have the knowledge, experience, skills to move forward, if not who has?
  • Ask and receive help – maybe you have helped others and now you need to allow others to help you . This is not a time for pride, independence or ego, this is not that time.
  • re allign.. – perhaps you came off course. Time to re adjust or head on a new setting or new journey.

If this has helped or resonates, please like share comment, or if you want help, please do get in touch to see if I can help further.

Thank you for reading .

Steven Alexander

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This is my life.. A little higgledly piggldy not steady and likely to topple.

Sometimes in life it feels like there’s something missing.. have you ever felt that?

A bit of wind or uncertainty and that tower  I built is falling over and let’s face it, it won’t take long before someone cannot resist to push it over but unstable just calls for someone to…in my experience take advantage or cause damage and topple.

There was a time I was a builder, I built with brick sand and mortar, lay foundations, and as a child I built with Lego, one piece at a time step by step instructions or with hours of focus frustration and care. It seems these days it’s more soft play cubes or Ikea flat packs and I know which I prefer.

I STEP BACK and take a look at my creation, it’s missing some solidity some stability, stick ability but yet a small sense of achievement shines from my face, and you know what, if it topples I will START AGAIN and maybe I will build differently and something new will appear it really is not the end of the world.

What is the true test of character  –  when folk do try and topple and shake you either by accident or deliberately. Wow, ouch this can be hard! Is this fun?- no, but what this teaches me is resilience in the face of adversity and a strength from within to want to prove to those folk I am not beaten.

what specific and valuable thing can I learn?

Attitude can make a difference-how to deal with people who try and topple, destroy rather than build up. – This can take skills.

Character-to persevere when things happen not as I would like.

Creation-creativity doesn’t have to be perfect in the eyes of others but to have a sense of pride in myself. Why not?

STEP BY STEP– this is slightly harder for me, but will be my mantra. “Step by step”

I can do this– now this you may think what is the big deal here? Well when you have lived a “I can’t” kinda life this new thinking is a huge huge step.

And lastly.. Support structures, do I have these in place? Do I utilise them?

Do you know who these people are in your life. Have you ever asked WHO IS A TRUE FRIEND?

Look out for those who may end up surprising you

Keep in touch..

Have a blessed day y’all.

propic (2) Steven Alexander

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