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My Mission Statement

“Freeing people of that which weighs them down and bringing peace to chaos.”

My mission in life is to encourage, motivate, support and empower offering that feel good feeling as well as tools in order to move forward and make transformational changes.

To model inclusivity as best as I possibly can and where I cannot, seek ways to be better.

My vision

To see more lives impacted and transformed for the better, who then pay it forward.

To offer a safe and sacred space for people to be free to be themselves without fear of judgment and negative perceptions – safe to explore what it means to be them, and be true to themselves.

To equip more people with options and strategies in partnership with them to regain control.

To transform perceptions on a global scale that serve others for the better.

To offer a sense of home to the physically mentally and spiritually homeless.

“Often for change to happen, a change in mindset or direction is needed” Steven Alexander

What I Offer

I offer wholeness healing and restoration to the broken hearted. I offer love to those who are absent of it. I give Hope to the hopeless, I give strength to the weak. I motivate where there is none. I transform perecptions and lives I remove negativity.

What is my style of Coaching

My coaching style is professional yet relaxed in order to offer that safe space to understand your current situation and self and to offer that peace of mind.

I use a combination of strategies and skills and different practices to offer the best holistic service as possible.


* Work towards your desired situation, goals, dreams and define a vision for success

*Create a custom personal and/or professional plan of action

*Achieve financial independence

*Communicate effectively.

*Have more meaningful and powerful connections in your personal and/or professional life

*Get organised and structure your life

*Fulfil your personal and emotional needs and identify your passions

*Breakthrough that issue or emotion thats dragging you down.

*Live your ideal and dream life

*Start or grow your business and become more productive

*Support with faith/spiritual issues.

My Training


NLP practitioner – Achology The Academy of modern applied Psychology

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma – The Academy of modern applied Psychology

Personal Budget coaching – Stewardship Money

Mentoring NOCN Level 2    Solihull College 

High Risk Mediation Training NOCNLevel 3     The Centre for ConflictTransformation 

Professional Certificate in Counselling Studies       Nottingham Trent University  

Certificate In Drugs Awareness and their Applications NCFE level 2 Nottingham Peoples College

Certificate in Part Time Youth and Community Work – County Council Family Support worker trained.

Care work certificate

For a free, no obligation conversation to find out more or booking please email me at lifecoachingsas@gmail.com

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Steve Alexander

“Be True to YOU”

Quotes from some of those I have helped: – Real people Real quotes.

Responsible Mentor, who is rich in love, gives hope and brings out the best of everything around him and always strives to maximize the potential of his mentees” – Kenya

“Really gets in there and unscrambles everything in order to see some clarity. Made me realise why I do the things I do and when I do them. Really hit the nail on the head” – UK

“Extremely understanding and with great ease help me turn my situation in to something amazing” Ireland

“You gave me space to talk, You listened and you were present” – Malta