Steven Alexander Coaching was started because I felt the gap in the mental health system and decided that something needed to be done. 

This business was created to help with peace of mind for those who are fed up with just being! 

I help you move through any blocks, fears, anxieties, stressors, and many other things to bring you to a place where you can start to love your life!

Steven Alexander

“Often for change to happen, a change in mindset or direction is needed”  – Steven Alexander –

Mission Statement

“Freeing people of that which weighs them down and bringing peace to chaos”

My mission in life is to encourage, motivate, support and empower others to move forward and make transformational changes in their lives. 

I also strive to model inclusivity as best as I possibly can and when I cannot, seek ways to be better. 

My Vision

To see more lives impacted and transformed for the better, who then pay it forward.

To offer a safe and sacred space for people to be free to be themselves without fear of judgement and negative perceptions – safe to explore what it means to be them, and be true to themselves.

To equip more people with options and strategies in partnership with them to regain control. 

To transform perceptions on a global scale that serve others for the better. 

To offer a sense of home to the physically, mentally, and spiritually homeless.

My Background


  • NLP practitioner

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

  • Personal Budget Coaching

  • Mentoring NOCN Level 2

  • High Risk Mediation Training NOCN Level 3 

  • Professional Certificate in Counselling Studies

  • Certificate In Drugs Awareness and their Applications NCFE level 2

  • Certificate in Part Time Youth and Community Work

  • Care Work Certificate



  • Working in the Charity sector I have experience delivering a wide variety of services from parenting support to budget coaching

  • I have worked with local communities on outreach projects to offer mental health and emotional support to those in need

  • I have diffused difficult situations

  • 1:1 Mentoring within the criminal justice system


How I can Help

  • Layout goals

  • Create a plan of action

  • Achieve financial stability

  • Communicate effectively

  • Have meaningful and powerful connections

  • Create organization in your life

  • Fulfill personal and emotional needs

  • Identify your passions

  • Breakthrough issues

  • Live your ideal and dream life

  • Become more productive

  • Start a new endeavor

  • Work on core beliefs


A Few Interesting Facts:

  • I was on a British Game Show 

  • I love writing and performing poetry

  • I love food and write reviews of businesses on Google

  • I enjoy doing things that allow me to raise money for Charity

  • I like being an advocate to all who need one