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My name is Steve Alexander. I am a father of two children a writer and a Motivation and Wellbeing life coach. I am also a part time health care support worker but have done a range of jobs in my life time from building work, to working in childrens homes to homelessness work and much more.

I help to encourage ,motivate and support those who have lost their motivation in life and are seeking encouragement, and extra support. Often for change to happen, a change in mindset or direction is needed.

I use a variety of skills from Neuro Linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, counselling skills to mentoring and life coaching.

I listen well to people to offer the best quality life coaching and gain the best results in personal development and growth.

I am driven to seeking happiness, wholeness, freedom, in myself and others, helping people laugh, smile and grow personally. My blogs are about honest,raw emotions, but instead of hiding and fearing them, instead I embrace them and turn these around.

I coach online using Messenger, Zoom or email, and meet up with people for face to face meets. I offer tatster sessions as well as support packages at competative prices.

What is life Coaching

Life coaching is about helping you reach your potential, or helping you overcome an issue and equipping you to understand your current situation and self, using a combination of strategies and skills.

Working with a life coach can help you:

  • Identify your current situation, challenges, problems or obstacles
  • Identify your limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours
  • Identify your desired situation, goals, dreams and define a vision for success
  • Create custom personal and professional plan of action
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Achieve your goal to get a promotion
  • Communicate effectively and succinctly
  • Identify and articulate your core values and belief
  • Manage an important business or personal transition
  • Foster more meaningful and powerful connections in both your personal and professional
  • Achieve your fitness goals
  • Get organised and structure your life
  • Fulfil your personal and emotional needs and identify your passions
  • Breakthrough the glass ceiling
  • Live your ideal and dream life
  • Start or grow your business and become more productive

For a free, no obligation life conversation or booking please email me at lifecoachingsas@gmail.com

Personal Invitation

I invite you into my free online soul cafe group where members chat, encourage, and support each other.

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Steve Alexander

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