About Me

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“Time out is time well spent”

My name is Steve Alexander.

I am a Motivation and Mindset life coach.

I help to encourage and motivate those who have lost their motivation in life and are seeking encouragement, and extra support.

Often for change to happen, a change in mindset or direction is needed.

I use a variety of skills from Neuro Linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, counselling skills to mentoring and life coaching, but I mainly listen,

I am a writer and father who wants to do the best in life, and look after others.

This website is about encouraging others by sharing my own personal experiences and findings and offereing extra support.

I am driven to seeking happiness and wholeness, in myself and others, helping people laugh, smile and grow personally.

My blog is about honest, at times raw emotions, but instead of hiding and fearing them, embracing them and turning these around.

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If you would like to,Please do visit my other site over at www.fedupofbeingpoor.com, or for a free, no obligation life coach taster session please email me at lifecoachingsas@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/S.A.S.mindsetcoaching

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Thank you for reading and visiting!

Steve Alexander