The day I got called an “Enema”

It is not every day I wake up to a text message from someone I know, and expect to be greeted with those beautiful words “you’re an enima” (their wording)

I am not sure it is the kind of message that anyone would like or appreciate, yet there it was!

I read it again slowly in case I read it wrong … but no.. there it was…

How should I respond?


To give you, the reader some context, which I think is fair, this is in response to a message I had sent describing myself as “an enigma” meaning, a bit of a puzzle, cannot work out, and why would I say this about myself.

Have you ever been accused of being a certain way which has been hurtful?

In your eyes, you are not the person they say you are but from their perspective, their “truth” they spit these words out which you receive like venom and makes you question am I?

The truth is, maybe they only see certain sides of you, or parts of you which you allow them to see! Maybe they get frustrated because you do not fit their mould, or their boxes so out of their own frustrations and blind spots they will lash out or even say in a more gentle manner.

sticks and stones


Some of us may be familiar with that phrase, but if not it is one many of us in the uk growing up would have heard or said at some point growing up in their child hood.

In a sense, it is really nonsensical. We know that names can be very hurtful and stay with us for many years often affecting our adult lives in many areas of our life.

Of course as children we say it as a defence mechanism , as a way of saying “I am not bothered” or ” I do not care” whether we did or did not.

As adults then, how do we, or should we deal with name calling?

I guess in truth, there are many ways. We certainly have more options with our life experience, more developed brains, and coping strategies as well as perhaps different coping mechanisms that we have learned that were not available to us as children.

Perhaps you yourself have been called names or have called others names? – no judgement!

There is a saying that “hurt people hurt people” do you agree?

If you have been affected by bullying or still are and need to talk please DO GET IN TOUCH!


For those that do not know, An enema is a procedure which is used to relieve constipation and to stimulate stool (poo) evacuation. (I will not provide images)

To quote a google search definition “the process helps push waste out of the rectum when you cannot do so on your own” ( – have you ever been called a “pain in the rear” or similar?

i am a peace of mind coach

I am often asked what kind of coach are you, what is it you do?

I often refer to myself ironically as a “poo coach” People come to me when they have poo in their lives, – and I help shift it.

I am a “stool” expert – there I said it!

As a healthcare worker in my spare time, I am trained in all matter of stools, from size, consistency, to helping with flow, to helping it function properly, as it does serve a purpose!

As a coach therefore, I help people with their mental, emotional or spiritual poo helping to restore flow, rediscover purpose and offer coping and handling strategies.

offer of help

If you need a “poo coach” want to restore peace to your heart mind or soul – please do get in touch and let’s chat.

For more information:

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Thank you for reading.

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