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I feel like a precious glass vase that somehow has a crack in it and holes, and that vase once full of one thing is now being filled with others – trying to be debt free,support myself and my family, trying to find “my Voice” my “identity” “my way”, trying to set up a digital lifestyle so I can “work on my terms”

What if anything do I have to say that’s of any value, and is there any point to these blogs  of mine- in fact what is my point? Have you ever felt like that?

I guess we all have our reasons for being on here but one way or another I feel we are all connected whether we know it yet or not.

I want to connect with those that feel unconnected or disconnected, the strugglers, the survivors, the success story tellers, the trying hard but missing the mark, the believers, the non non believers, the coffee and tea drinkers and everything inbetweeners.

This blog is to connect those that have been  wronged  and wronged others, for the raw, for the hurt-for the survivor. It offers a safe place to be true to one self.

Here is for the lost and the abandoned and forgotten. The prodigals,the searchers, the left behinders and back sliders.

This blog is for all who needs some one.

I feel like we are that missing piece to each others jigsaws.

For those that feel like they have crashed and burned, this a song by savage garden.

Have a good day.

“if you need to crash and burn you are not alone”


Thank you joypassiondesire  for allowing me to use the pic and your encouraging words:) and a special mention to A.P……

I love you guys, my wpbffs.

Thanks for reading,

Steven Alexander

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