Inbox Insanity

I am looking in my inbox today, and in a way it’s great, as I never feel alone. when I look in this, a lot of people want my attention, I must be popular, right!

but then I look and it’s……….kinda overwhelming. There is so much trash in my life, and this is just one email address. ¬†Oh my!

I want to press the the “delete all” button, but know I must sift through at some point and keep what is good and get rid of the trash.

As I am reflecting on this, it got me thinking that life is perhaps like this sometimes. We take on stuff, or sign up to stuff, and take on more and more and more stuff, and on top of this there is the life demands. I do not know how people cope? what are their strategies, I want in!

I want to scream “stop!” jump on a grey hound bus and say “see ya lata” and escape, or hail a “yellow taxi” in New York, or sail down the river in Paris, or drink fine coffee in Italy, do something crazy like a skinny dip in a cool pond, and then I shall return,


Maybe I can’t afford to escape in the physical, but in that moment all burdens were off, it felt amazing!

Thank you to those who follow me, and for likes, and being a part of this thing we call life.

#Together we can get through

#share your strategy.

#dream get aways

Have a great day:)


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