Travel light, travel in sight.

I would like to travel more and see the world more.

I wonder about the 7 wonders and wonder what’s worth wondering.

Pisa was nice and the pizza was nicer,


lean on me, when you are not strong – yep me outside this fine tower, walking up was monumental!

loved France very oo la la at the Moulin Rouge, nice show and ladies with large…..skirts, expensive perfume and croque madames.

Belgium had beers- cheers!

The Great Wall was indeed great,

Greece wasn’t at all greasy, Zante is a must!

Spain had me in pain scuba diving, but no rain as I ran for the land train,

Dubai was hot but the pools were cool,

went to Jamaica they have lots of plants, and crab racing to pass the time, that and rum punch, all good, all fine.

Denmark had bricks of multicolored lego, and porn on the tv, that made evenings more mellow, which I turned off, or more my mom did, good job as I was a young kid.

Went to Tunisia the waiters were funny, they would run to your tables for tips of money.

Poland was cheap, the flights were a penny, the parks had red squirrels, the bars they had plenty.

Went to Bulgaria skiing, that was great, got up early and stayed up late..

The Dominican Republic was quite divine, dined quite posh and sipped nice wine,

where to next, I will wait and see, but I need more freedom,

Yep travelling is for me.

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