So got excited the other day at the news that mcdonalds had their monoply game out again. (that is my board right there!)

I began to get excited thinking of the large meals, and prizes we could win but the chance of winning the big prizes or just extra fries excites me.. but this is my guilty pleasure, and we all need guilty pleasures right? it’s like covert gambling with an excuse to eat more (sorry slimming world)

The thought of getting grand central station prize of…. 10% off a product oo exciting!

The lure of potentially winning and being a winner is appealing. I want to be a winner!

I notice that that our lottery is a double or triple roll over, that’s awesome, as I would love to win that. My mind boggles at what I would do with the money, a yacht, a holiday, what new friends I may have!

I would get a big house with cinema, games room, swimming pool and car, well cars, 4×4, a sports car, a city car, a van, I have always wanted a van, and be a van man, quad bike, speed boat……

This kinda got me thinking… What is it that makes us a winner, what does success look like, feel like?

It is possible have never experienced what it is to be successful or a winner.

I think I won a running race when I was about 6, and I got a swimming medal once… Wow I felt on top of the world, maybe that’s what being a winner feels like, that rush that glow!

But then does it matter if we are not a winner? Is life about winning and losing or is it about surviving?

Is life perhaps like a game of mcdonalds monoply?

This reminds me of that question of whether a glass is half empty or half full.

Now I know a few drinkers who would actually argue a half measure of drink is actually no good at all.

Sometimes I wonder if I am living a “half measure” life.

Should I be happy with my lot in life, the cards I have been dealt? Surely I should be more gracious when others are worse off?

I used to live my life feeling a failure, and to a degree there are elements where I still do, but the difference between success and failure is whether you pick yourself up and try again when your chips are down.

I appreciate there will be those that may disagree or whoose experience is different.

I used to despise the “have’s” as I was a “have not” however now I realise if I strive, if I work hard, if I want something enough I can get it.

Maybe just maybe… to quote a great british sitcom character.. “this time next year rodney, we will be millionnairres.”

Stay strong folks, never give up!

Pssst.. For what it’s worth, I believe we are all winners in our own way, some of us just don’t believe it yet.
“Even if everybody says it’s impossible, with determination, there is always something you can do. The last thing is to give up without trying
Bangambiki Habyarimana.

This a photo of a cafe I sometimes go to near me!  I think the words are great!

One thought on “GAME OF LIFE

  1. I agree, perhaps we’re all winners or successful in our own rights, not by what society would dictate. But we do go in for those things that we think might make us successful. Holding two pinks, two light blues and two stations, I keep thinking I need to go back to Maccies and try and win! Yet really…I don’t!

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