Retreat or surrender?

So my hearts all a flutter and my mind breathes, as stillness and silence tease me away from work “people” situations, life.

I’m going to escape and retreat to a retreat centre all by myself.

Check this out.. It sounds lush.

Quiet waters….

I can imagine it now listening to the lull of gentle water lapping at the side, country side location miles away from my location away Away Away… Yay.

A quiet reflective rustic lunch and grounds to walk around, my own slice of spiritual escape pie served on a plate of serenity.

Things are happening, have happened and I feel like I just need to stop…. Get off the life wheel if only for a few hours.

Retreat is not the same as surrender far from it however in this occasion the two sit side by side like a married couple meant to be and I’m just going to surrender.

I’m surrendering to life, to the cosmos, the universe, karma, God I have no idea, but I know I can’t sustain and maintain where I am at.

Will I come back changed? – I’m hoping so.

Will I be renewed? – sounds scary.

Will I shed tears? More than likely.

This my friends, is my therapy before I implode or explode or both.

I am away for a week next week, so I doubt I will be on here. I aim to have a cell phone fast… No social media, no surveys, no work just time away in woods and swimming pool slides and feeding squirrels and just returning to nature and breathing. I doubt if it will be a holiday or a holy day but….. Perhaps I can gain breathing space and perspective or not.

As lent comes to a close, I look forward to easťer..

Perhaps a season for new life.

Love you all.

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