“Player Pupil”

.I went to a lovely Animal conservation park, and my favorite was just watching these fish swim round and I was mesmerized by the water falls. As I watched the fish, my mind began to wonder about a new game on my phone.

Best free android game on my phone by far is called “fish for money” ¬†As it’s a fishing game I have to fish for rewards, the bigger and harder to catch fish, the bigger the reward, but how do you fish? how do you make easy money? Well I am no fisherman, and there is nothing easy about this game, but I was lured by the make money videos:(

The aim is to get far enough in the game so I get paid cash at the end. (I do not think an end actually exists, the game is actually quite painful i am finding yet I still play – Am I the only one who plays games on my cell phone.)

Now the stupidity of it is, is that I could make more money doing probably alot of other things than playing on it so why do it?

This is what I reflected and learned just from playing a game on my phone.

I like it, it takes my mind off things, it gives me goals and objectives and rewards and incentives. –I have never been one for any of those things.

It teaches me endurance, patience, hope, and a desire to increase what I have – New life lessons for me!

As with life though it has its pitfalls, it crashes, I’ve lost all my money (game money) I’ve had to start over, and to be honest it’s quite a painful and time consuming process with little reward. – Now that is my life right there!

So there I am trying desperately to catch the next big fish and sometimes I’m successful but mostly not, yet while trying to catch these I’m missing out on the smaller fish which are easier and less time consuming but I’m ignoring because I don’t value the reward.

I appreciate this is just a game, but some say life is a game you just gotta know how to play and get through or win. So I reflect as I chase my goals that I need to appreciate the little things whilst still aiming for the big things.

I got chatting to a friend who’s renovating their house and it’s taking blood sweat and tears and investment but the transformation is incredible. I’m jealous and in awe n wish I had the skills to do what they did, but alas.

So I’m pleased for them yet secretly sad inside until a voice whispers to me, “you may not transform houses but you do transform people.”.

I’m finding myself draw back a little these days, stepping back from people or situations that would previously wind me up and just re-evaluating my relationships with folks.

I’m reminded to continue to invest in people, and so I look for ways to encourage, lift, help, others as so many have helped me – Maybe I am more of a fisher of souls:)

God bless y’all n thanks for following and reading.

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