Walls Hurt.

a photo of a shingle brick wall along a beach
Some walls in life are necessary and life saving

I was asked to give a friend a lift to work. This was nice, we chatted.. All good.

I get to work and… It’s work so I am ready in work mode with what needs to be done, and then I’m thinking about the things I need to do out of work when all I want to do is sleep, and then I get phone calls from estate agents (I am trying to sell my house) I get lots of calls.. and then I can’t find a work receipt, and I need this piece of paper, I need something off my phone and my battery is dead, and I just feel like I am hitting wall after wall now.

Do you ever get those days? Have you ever wondered how to deal with stress?

I get back in my car, and car share again.. And we laugh and put the world to rights, and I see my friends frown turn upside down and I feel lifted.

I pull up to the estate agents, and this is huge because a contract awaits (always always read the small print, if there is something you can’t read or understand you ask) and in black and white there are the figures and costs.

Now, I am no good with numbers and letters but I am reading figures, big numbers with zeros, and then I see that little three letter word v. A. T which means more zeros, and then there’s solicitor fees, more zeros, and I’m beginning to sweat. I notice they also want exclusivity. I put that pen straight down, and say no. I am not going to sign this, and I explain why.

I leave and my heart sinks, its heavy I won’t lie, so I go home, and I’m hoping that maybe I can watch or do something to lift me.

I get talking to another estate agent, their fees are lower, they have more resources, more local, their method of communication is my preferred style, happy days…. I then get a call from the exclusive ones saying we can lower fees and are happy if you want to include other agents..

Now this is getting crazy right here right. Suddenly I have things to sign and look at.. But I’m hungry so decide to leave it..

I’m starting to cheer up, but I want more, so I’m like God, I just wanna be.. I dunno have a warm feeling inside.

And as I reflect over my day, I think back to another collegue at work who said.. “do you remember that saving thing you told me about… Guess what we are doing it in our house after you told me about it.” and I’m like that’s cool but if you invest that in an ISA or a high interest account out the way.. guess what, you have made more money and how good would your Christmas be..” wow how that girl smiled.

So my recent research came in handy.

Then I get a friend asking me for advice about their life, and let me you tell this person is one smart cookie, and she is asking me for advice.. It’s humbling folks, but nice, and lifting feeling valued.

So I am writing this and my old self says. Kick back, put your feet up relax, you’re tired and I’m listening.. Oh I am listening.. But I’m finding myself writing about my day so I can encourage someone else.. And plus.. I got work to do.

Peace and love good people.

Thanks for popping by,

Steven Alexander

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