Building a house for a home.

image of some houses overlooking a lake with trees behind it
wishing i was there

I have many many dreams, I am a dreamer and one of my dreams is to have my own house built. I love the idea of being creative, imaginative, playing around with ideas, windows to the world here, having a say in my own perspective and view of the world, maybe opening my doors to fields and views of the sea.. Ahh yes nice to dream.

The reality…let’s get real here, this isn’t going to happen over night or tommorow or maybe anytime soon. In fact knowing me I’d get this perfect home set up and soon other people would be living in it while I am.. Eperiencing my latest adventure.

I guess the irony is to an extent I already have done this so maybe I should move on.

I had my first home, views of a lovely lush park, minutes from hill walks and river walks, invested sweat, love tears, designed and created, and now a young family live in it and it’s now their home.

I think about what it takes to build a home, the foundations, the planning, the investments the comprises, the memories and there are mixed emotions of sadness and happiness, and I guess this is normal.

A phrase that’s banded about alot says home is where the heart is and I wonder about this. What if a heart is torn or broken, what does home represent.

In the home I envisage often, is a home of no sadness or joy, children playing outside, strangers welcomed, many rooms, all invited even the despised or hated. There is food for all and those with little are as grateful as those with plenty.

In my youth I would pray that Lords prayer, do you remember it? Give us this day our daily bread. I don’t just want bread I want a bakery, that way I could not only make lots of dough I could give it away too.

Perhaps I am dissatisfied with just a home, I want a kingdom of such homes.

It’s good to dream.

Don’t stop dreaming folks.

N. B the photo is a place called “Gods pocket” it is a family run, diving retreat kinda thing in America. A family bought it in faith as a new venture and made it their home which they shared. I found it while looking for home images. This I read is up for sale. I like diving and retreat. Perhaps I should make enquiries.

Peace and love people <><

Steven Alexander

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