life line or whine?

(Took this on my walk near me, I thought it was right for this post:)


Happy reading, get brew on. (is this just a uk phrase?)

So friends, I’ve been trying to write this for a couple of days but I’ve been distracted, shocker right!!

Life lines – So I was sitting down like I do alot.. And I had an image of a life belt/boyency aid.. And I’m like why?

You see the answer was simple.. Let me tell ya a joke. I’m no good at these so bare wiv me. (it is a remix of a classic)

A man has capsized, his lil boat is upside down and he is treading water and doing those actions you do to try and look up out and keep your head out the water but slowly your drowning because you only got limited amount of energy or you can only face those beating waves for so long.. So you get the picture.

The guy is like obviously “I’m going under here, God help me”

A boat 🛥 happens to spot him from afar.. And says mate you need help… This fella instead of saying yea says nah GOD will save me. The boat leaves, the man won’t listen. A sea turtle 🐢 swims by n says jump on my back.. Still the man says no GOD will save me. A helicopter 🚁 flys above the coastguard.. Still the fella says no. Now his hair is messed up n wet, his man liner is smeared his cuticles are not looking good here.. And finally he drowns.

He gets to heaven n he has it out wiv GOD saying why didn’t you save me.?

GOD says to him. “Are you for real?” I sent a boat, a turtle, the coastguard what more did you want.

Its a spin on an old joke…but the point is, it reminded me of the situation I was in and previous ones and life lines people had thrown me..

I was hungry people offered me food and I’m like no thanks, then I’m like Homer Simpson Doh! – cos i’m still hungry!

I’m after some new accommodation, so people are sending me adverts suggesting things…  – Guess what. I’m still where I was.. Havn’t moved!

I had some debts.. I had offers of help but because they came with conditions I’m like no thanks – Yep remained in debt!

I could go on with this list. Now the reason I don’t accept help is because I’m stubborn, proud, foolish, low self esteem.. But these things are stopping me from getting what I need. I’m not even asking these folk for help but they are giving it and at some point they will stop.

I’m working on my issues.

So please don’t be like me if you are, if you need help and someone one offers, for goodness sake take it.. why… Because you would do the same for them right.

Make the change and never look a gift horse in the mouth.. Neigh.

Peace n love

Steven Alexander,

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