Do people go through a metamorphosis?

If you have been following my journey let me share. If you haven’t and are new – welcome!

Of late things are going crazy. My paper notepad is all used up and I’m on  pad 2 and a voice inside my head whispers.. ”

“You need folders and a filing cabinet..” This sounds extreme but I’m starting to get a glimpse why…

In earlier posts I’ve mentioned this year I’d like to do things that scare me.. And let me share with you since I’ve said that how a whole can of whoop worms are coming out..

So here’s what I’ve done so far.. They may not seem major to you but huge milestones n millstones…

Looking at bank statements – Yep I never used to do this. Not only am I doing this I’m also starting budgeting and saving. I used to hide and fear these. Now I am better but it is a hard mindset to change

Giving blood – fear of blood and needles

Planning for the future.. Never done it.. Live for today but I’m actually thinking about planning for the future and excited about raising money to put into these pots.

Reading.. I hate it.. Find it boring -Now I’m reading blogs articles books on business creating a reading list.

Goal setting. Goal setting.. Just repeating it sends shivers of scariness yet today I’m writing myself goals, short term, long term, goals around goals and these goals make sense and it’s like I actually look forward to doing these and by doing these I’ll get a sense of achievement answerable only to myself.

These are all only in the last couple of weeks and I’m just getting started.

I really couldn’t have done this without you readers, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maybe if I get the hang of it and you need help with anything perhaps one day I can return the favor.

Grab a coffee or drink and Come follow me on my journey

Need support on your journey or  move forward with your life, Are you wondering how to stop being scared or want to do something scary but…

Drop me a line – let’s chat.

Peace n love

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