I am Steven Alexander, “I see the person not the problem”

I restore Peace to chaotic and troubled heart mind and soul.

I offer a fully inclusive, non discrimatory and wholistic service no matter the orientation of lifestyle choices. I WELCOME ALL!

I offer insightful intuitive heart centred practice offering you time and space in a non judgemental way.

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What I can offer you

I provide a:

I) Listening Service

II) Quality coaching/counselling/mentoring/mediation as required – Online or one to one meetings.

III) Results – Transforming problems to solutions

IV) Work in partnership with you

V) YOU EARN as I EARN 10% of every fee paying referal you send me I will return to you as my thank you.

If you are a business, I also write business reviews for Google and Trip Advisor. My reviews have had over 31,648 views on Google maps alone.

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* Hypnotherapy,

*High Risk Mediation Training

* Neuro linguistic programming,

* Mentoring

* Person Centred Counselling,

* Drugs Awareness

*Youth and childrens work trained

*Personal Budget coach training

***Client centred depending upon needs***

For my values and mission or more information check out “more about me page.”


Prices are flexible so please contact me for a quote and best price for you.

As a huge believer in supporting others and pay it forward approach, I have a referal scheme and donations from my services go to charities that are close to my heart or those of my clients.

My prices are low to reflect the area I live, and to remain affordable no matter someones financial situation. It is not a reflection on the level of service I offer. If people wish to give more, they are welcome to do so and will go to support others who need the help too.

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Additional Information.

Read my blogs click here.

Be part of my small but thriving online facebook community in the “soul cafe” which is a safe place for people to come and chat life and spirituality without judgement as well as post on the facebook business page itself.

Visit my you tube channels which I post content to as and when and can be found by typing in my name in you tube – Steven Alexander Simmonds

Additional Projects

I am founder of “fedupofbeingpoor.com” a blogging website and movement dedicated to helping people earn extra income, save, as well as offering teaching resources and coaching around abundance, money issues and poverty mentality.

I have a facebook community group which I post to regularly and can be found here

Partnering with others.

I am a big believer in partnerships.

I am proud to support my local, natiional global international partners. If you would like to pratner with me, get in touch.

Thank you for dropping by.

Steve Alexander.

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